Releasing Palestina Espresso

Al Rasheed Coffee CO. has released it's new product (Palestina Espresso) with two different Blends: Dark Roast and Medium Roast. This was a result of great efforts in research and study of different types and combinations of coffee which best match the ultimate taste of Espresso.

The 9th Ghitha'una Fair, Ramallah

(23/9-26/9, 2013)

Once again the company took part in an important national event. Spanning 3 days and under the sponsorship of current Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdallah, and arranged by the Food Industry Committee, the fair was a success for the company because of its booth's good organization and the number of attendants.

The International Amman Summer Festival

(27/6-6/7, 2013)

The company participated in the International Amman Summer Festival in 2013, which was held in the international car exhibition in Amman, Jordan. It was part of the Palestinian section, and made sure to present Palestinian products and emphasize the importance of introducing the Arab market to them.

A New Product is Released


The company released its latest product at the time, the instant Turkish coffee, in response to the market's demands and to provide a Palestinian product to rival and replace the Israeli product.

It is known as the coffee of workers because of its quick preparation; it only needs hot water and thus gives workers an instant, classic cup of coffee which equals traditional coffee without the need to boil it.


Al-Shayma' Secondary School Visits Al-Rasheed

A group of students from Al-Shayma' School's science club visited the factory with the school's principal, Mrs Fatima Al-Qass, and a number of teachers to see the different stages of coffee production. The factory's production engineer accompanied the guests and explained every step of the process the coffee beans go through, and answered all questions the students had.


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Palestina Espresso
Proudly, we are introducing our new Palestina Espresso line resulting 43 years of expertise,passion and devotion to ultimate quality.
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