Al-Rasheed Coffee's Full Production Lines Officially Open (19/11/2012):

After three years of constructing the company and providing the factory with all necessary machinery, it was finally opened to start full production. The ceremony was held under the care of the Governor of Qalqilya, Rabih Khandaqji, and the Italian Consul in Jersualem, Mr Cantini, along with the participation of the municipality and Chamber of Trade, and respresentatives of respected companies, banks and important figures in the city.

Abu Ali Iyad Secondary School Visits Al-Rasheed

For four days, students from the vocational stream and 10th Secondary School for Girls visited the factory as an activity for their sciences and
vocational studies committee. Our production engineer escorted the students and explained every step of the production process.
 grade at Abu Ali Iyad

The First Winter Shopping Festival, Ramallah


Al-Rasheed Coffee took part in the Winter Shopping Festival in Ramallah which took place in Al-Bireh, Ramallah, under the sponsorship of former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

For all six days of the festival, the company was met with a big number of attendants and great reactions. Visitors tasted the different types of coffee and expressed their strong admiration for the variety of tastes. They also showed appreciation for having a local company which produces the usually imported espresso and filter coffees in such high quality.

Abu Rasheed Story
For us coffee production is not just a business, its a passion that we inherited over time, click to read more about our story.
Palestina Espresso
Proudly, we are introducing our new Palestina Espresso line resulting 43 years of expertise,passion and devotion to ultimate quality.
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